Since his election four short years ago, President David Granger is actively implementing his plan for a good life for all Guyanese. Today Guyana is moving in the right direction, after 23 years of a PPP/C government. The Coalition Government has built and maintained infrastructure, cracked down on corruption and bribery, and cleaned the streets …

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Amerindian Rights being trampled on Region No. 7

On Friday 17 April, Toshao Solomon Lewis from the village of Kurutuku, Region No. 7, along with Village Councilors, Michael Lewis and Timothy Lewis, visited the campaign headquarters of the APNU+AFC to speak on serious issues affecting their community.  The Toshao said that his village of 160 residents has, for more than five years, been …

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Education is about a whole new way of managing the economy

Brigadier Granger focused his message on education, beginning the meeting by presenting tablet computers to Jawalla’s Toshao, Lita John, and Kako Primary School Headmistress Stephanie Krammer, repeating his pledge that a David Granger presidency would engage the teacher’s union to ensure that teachers are the best paid public servants in Guyana. Holding up his cell …

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7 hours ago

APNU Guyana

The APNU-AFC government is proud of the progress we have made in improving public safety, but there is more work to be done to eradicate crime in Guyana and make our communities safer. A long-lasting solution requires addressing the root causes of crime, such as building institutional capacity, in addition to stronger policing and public safety measures.

As such, the coalition government, led by President David Granger, has focused on passing laws to strengthen law enforcement and deter misconduct.

Notable achievements include the passage of an important amendment to strengthen the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill, which significantly enhances Guyana’s legislative framework and achieves international compliance with all 40 recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force.

The Protected Disclosures (Whistleblower) Bill was also passed, helping to facilitate disclosures of improper conduct in the public and private sectors by protecting those who take the risk of bringing the truth to light.

“The practice of good governance, transparency and accountability are more than the antidote for corruption in government. They are also a remedy for ridding the disease of corruption in the private sector, in professional organisations, in civil society and also in international organisations,” President Granger has said.

There is more work to be done. Together, let's keep Guyana moving forward.

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Source: DPI, ‘Highlights of Coalition Achievements; Demerara Waves May 29, 2016.
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23 hours ago

APNU Guyana

The APNU+AFC coalition government is committed to providing the ‘good life’ for all Guyanese, including public servants, who make up a majority of the workforce.

Since 2015, the government has worked together with labour unions to address the needs of public servants. The government has so far increased the public sector monthly minimum wage from $50,000 in 2015 to $64,200 to 2018, an increase of 28.4%. In 2020, public servants will receive a further increase, with current GDP growth forecasts reaching 4.5%.

Speaking on NCN's programme ‘INSIGHT’, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan said the coalition government will work with the unions on negotiating a total package, "so you will know between 2020 and 2025 where your salaries will be."

The APNU+AFC coalition will ensure that every public servant is well taken care of, and in a position to enjoy a better standard of living.

There is more work to be done. Together, let's keep Guyana moving forward.

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Source: Caribbean 360, August 14, 2019.
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1 day ago

APNU Guyana

Are you confused by what happened in the High Court decision on the upcoming election?

This is understandable, because the PPP has churned out a series of deeply misleading and false claims regarding house-to-house registration since the party's efforts to block registration failed before the court.

To be very clear, just like the CCJ, the recent High Court decision found the house-to-house registration exercise to be fully legal and constitutional, and declined to issue orders on setting election dates.

Writing in the Guyana Chronicle, Carla Mendonca expresses outrage that the PPP lawyers made these unprecedented demands of the court in the first place, knowing full well in advance that it was impossible from a legal perspective.

Mendonca writes that the PPP's high court challenge against registration was, "the strangest request that could have ever be made of a lower court, asking that it overturn the decision of a higher court."

She continues: "It was a clear case of procedural heresy for any such demand, for such is what Nandlall’s submission had been. Apart from the fact that it was procedurally perverse, it was also a glaring disrespect for the CCJ’s decision, particularly understanding clearly well that such orders that Nandlall et al. wanted would have meant entering the political domain of Guyanese politics, thus breaching the lines of the Separation of Powers."

Do not be confused by the false claims. House-to-house registration is the only way to ensure that all Guyanese have the right to participate in this election.

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