Amerindian Rights being trampled on Region No. 7

On Friday 17 April, Toshao Solomon Lewis from the village of Kurutuku, Region No. 7, along with Village Councilors, Michael Lewis and Timothy Lewis, visited the campaign headquarters of the APNU+AFC to speak on serious issues affecting their community.  The Toshao said that his village of 160 residents has, for more than five years, been …

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Education is about a whole new way of managing the economy

Brigadier Granger focused his message on education, beginning the meeting by presenting tablet computers to Jawalla’s Toshao, Lita John, and Kako Primary School Headmistress Stephanie Krammer, repeating his pledge that a David Granger presidency would engage the teacher’s union to ensure that teachers are the best paid public servants in Guyana. Holding up his cell …

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Granger attends commemorative service of Guyana Veteran’s Legion

Brigadier David Granger, Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, attended a commemorative church service marking the one-year anniversary of the merger of the Guyana Legion and Ex-GDF Association into the Guyana Veteran’s Legion. The service was held on Sunday morning, 12th April, at the St. Sidwell’s Anglican Church in the Georgetown …

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Opposition fails to submit proposals despite Government’s engagement on sugar industry - GAWU hands over their proposal document

Georgetown, Guyana – (February 17, 2017) The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has failed to submit its proposals to the Government for a decision to be made on the future of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and the sugar industry, even though Government had sought to engage them and other stakeholders, with consultations starting since late last year. One of the stakeholder organisations that has been engaged in the process, the Guyana Agricultural and Workers’ Union (GAWU), has submitted its proposal document and this has been adopted by the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE).

Mr. Irfaan Ali, who led the Opposition side in Friday's meeting said that the party was not prepared to make its recommendations until the Government had presented a socio-economic study and an economic feasibility study. The Government had provided all documents, which were requested by the Unions and Opposition including the Memorandum of Understanding signed between GoInvest and D. Rampersaud and Company Limited (DRCL), GuySuCo’s Business Plan for the period 2017- 2025, Cost of Production for 2010-2025, Head Office component of Cost of Production 2010- 2025, Breakdown of Government Support requirement for years 2017-2025, List of Capital items by year and cost, Projected can yields and tonnes, Projected tillage and replanting by estates, Financial projections and GuySuCo Annual Reports, among others.

It was based on these documents that the Unions were in a position to present their proposals. GAWU did indicate that they were constrained by the lack of a socio-economic study but it did, however, submit its proposal to the Government and Minister Ramjattan assured that the document will be taken to Cabinet for examination and deliberation. The proposal document was ratified by NAACIE.

In 2016, Cabinet took the decision at its last sitting of the year, to have the consultations begin at the soonest possible time to ensure that the best interest of all stakeholders will be considered. Minister Ramjattan, in accepting the proposals from GAWU at the final meeting held today, said that Cabinet felt that consultation was the best way to go in the interest of all stakeholders.

“I’m glad that we have the option of alternative from a major stakeholder. I am certain that this will be useful for purposes of the Cabinet now making the decisions as to way forward because that is what was the entire purpose of having a meeting with the stakeholders. From our end, we knew that there were differences from the Trade Unions, the workers and the Opposition and we decided to be consultative. We wanted your version, we understand that your version could not have been perfected without socio-economic study and we understand that,” Minister Ramjattan told the Unions.

He noted that while the Government will ultimately have to make a decision on the way forward for the industry, it wanted to make sure that the requisite stakeholders were consulted so that the best decision in the interest of all involved, could have been taken.

“Your view is an extremely important view and now that we have gotten it, we will move on from here,” he said.

The Government team was led by Vice President Ramjattan and included Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Noel Holder, Minister of Social Protection, Ms. Amna Ally, Minister of Business, Mr. Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael Trotman and Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Jaipaul Sharma while the Opposition team was led by Mr. Ali and Mr. Dharamkumar Seeraj.

GAWU and NAACIE were represented by their Heads, Mr. Komal Chand and Mr. Kenneth Joseph, respectively while GuySuCo was represented by its Chief Executive Offficer, Mr. Errol Hanoman and Senior Communications Officer, Ms. Audreyanna Thomas. Representatives from the various sugar estates including Wales, Albion, Skeldon, Enmore and Uitvlugt were also present.
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North Ruimveldt CSEC Night School boosted by donation of textbooks, 25 laptops

Georgetown, Guyana – (February 17, 2017) Presidential Advisor on Youth Empowerment, Mr. Aubrey Norton, on Friday, presented a quantity of textbooks and officially handed over 25 laptops to the North Ruimveldt Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Night School Programme in Festival City, North Ruimveldt. The presentation of the laptops was done in collaboration with the e-Government Agency, which created Information Technology spaces within the Festival City Youth and Parent Organisation (FCYPO), where the classes are normally held. The Agency is conducting a similar exercise in the night schools at Soesdyke and Sophia, where 25 Internet ready laptops each will also be installed. The Ministry of Education donated the textbooks.

Mr. Norton said three pilot night schools were started, in North Ruimveldt, Soesdyke and Sophia, to bridge the education gaps revealed in a 2015 survey. The survey found that a large number of youth had not had the opportunity to write the CSEC examination. Others had not obtained passes in five subjects and several of them had failed to obtain passes in the two core subjects Mathematics and English Language. The pilots started in May 2016 and will run until May 2017.

“The programme has been fairly successful. We have not had high rates of dropouts and we have a number of students enrolled to do [the exam]. It is with that in mind and recognising the importance of Information Technology to the process we made contact with the e-Government [Agency] and they agreed that they can assist with computers [and] internet connection… Then in collaboration with the Ministry of Education we got the books that the students need to use to ensure that they are successful,” Mr. Norton said.

A total of 78 students have registered for the 2017 CSEC examination: 37 at Soesdyke, 27 at North Ruimveldt and eight at Sophia. In his charge to the students, Mr. Norton encouraged them to stay the course and to capitalise on the opportunities being provided for them to augment their education. “We hope that you make the best use of the resources, treat it as your property,” he said.

Mr. Norton also expressed gratitude to the FCYPO for providing the space for the programme. “One of the things [that] we are doing is ensure that these night schools are managed by the youth organisations so that the young people of the community can develop leadership and management skills and can manage their own programmes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Clarence Garraway, Manager-Enterprise Solutions, Ministry of Public Telecommunications, e-Government Agency said the Agency is looking forward to continued collaboration with Mr. Norton and his team and the Ministry of Education to ensure the advancement of the programme. “We are happy to provide, not only laptops, but Internet connectivity to the night schools in this pilot programme. It is in keeping with e-Government’s own action plan moving forward to not only increase the reach of education in Guyana, but also to provide the means of enabling jobs to be created… with this night school… when you, the students, increase your level of education, you’ll be better equipped to walk into the work place and to sustain yourself as well as to contribute towards the economy of Guyana,” he said.

In an invited comment, Ms. Marquesas Primo, a student enrolled in the North Ruimveldt programme, lauded its benefits. “I find it very beneficial not only for students, who wrote CXC and didn’t [get] good grades but for students, who didn’t write and [those] like myself, who want to add a few other subjects,” she said, adding that the donation of computers “was very good… I find a lot of students want to do EDPM [Electronic Document Preparation and Management] and every job you go for these days you have to be computer literate so it will be very beneficial for the school and the students”.

Mr. Leroy Adolphus, Co-ordinator of the Sophia Night School, Mr. Ian Smith, Co-ordinator of the Soesdyke Night School and Ms. Denise Miller, Co-ordinator of the North Ruimveldt CSEC Night School Programme, Ms. Adeti DeJesus of the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Youth Empowerment and students enrolled at the three schools also attended the presentation ceremony.

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