Amerindian Rights being trampled on Region No. 7

On Friday 17 April, Toshao Solomon Lewis from the village of Kurutuku, Region No. 7, along with Village Councilors, Michael Lewis and Timothy Lewis, visited the campaign headquarters of the APNU+AFC to speak on serious issues affecting their community.  The Toshao said that his village of 160 residents has, for more than five years, been …

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Education is about a whole new way of managing the economy

Brigadier Granger focused his message on education, beginning the meeting by presenting tablet computers to Jawalla’s Toshao, Lita John, and Kako Primary School Headmistress Stephanie Krammer, repeating his pledge that a David Granger presidency would engage the teacher’s union to ensure that teachers are the best paid public servants in Guyana. Holding up his cell …

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Granger attends commemorative service of Guyana Veteran’s Legion

Brigadier David Granger, Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, attended a commemorative church service marking the one-year anniversary of the merger of the Guyana Legion and Ex-GDF Association into the Guyana Veteran’s Legion. The service was held on Sunday morning, 12th April, at the St. Sidwell’s Anglican Church in the Georgetown …

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CCPA conducts awareness sessions in Region 9

The Childcare and Protection Agency of the Ministry of Social Protection along with the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association are currently conducting a joint outreach program in Region 9.

On the 19th June 2017 the group conducted their first session at the Annai Benab in the Community of Annai.

The outreach seeks to raise awareness on issues surrounding children and their safety. Head of the awareness team, Ms. Sophia Bess of CCPA, commenced the session by giving an overview of who is a child and the rights associated with children. During her presentation it was raised by residents in the community of Annai of the high incidences of sexual child abuse in the area.

One resident in the community, Mr. Suresh Andries, indicated that the situations faced in the region can be tackled through parental training. He was favourably informed of the parental training programs which are currently being conducted throughout the regions of Guyana to help parents acquire skills to better train their children.

Another issue raised was the negative effects of technology on today’s youth was which impact their behaviours. Ms. Monique Meusa, a probation officer attached to CCPA, in response to this issue encouraged parents to monitor their children’s activities and keep up to date with technology.

The awareness session also involved talks on STIs, cancers related to sexual activities and the importance of not being involved to early sexual activities. This awareness campaign is also being conducted in order to develop community watch groups within region 9. In this way persons in the different communities can act as “frontline officers” on behalf of the CCPA to have sexual child abuse cases reported.

The awareness campaign continues until June 22 in various communities in Region 9. Other persons in the awareness team include Dr. Ignatious Wrong, Ms. Salena Clohisy – a Volunteer at GRPA, Ms. Glenis Canterbury – CCPA, and Mr. Kevin Reddy – Ministry of Education.
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First Lady urges students to capitalise on learning experience - at fourth ICT workshop for Buxton youth

Georgetown, Guyana – (June 19, 2017) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, on Monday, attended the opening ceremony for the fourth Buxton Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training programme at the Friendship Primary School. The programme, which is a collaborative effort between the Office of the First Lady and the Ministry of Social Protection, is expected to run for 13 weeks.

The First Lady told the students that they were fortunate to be benefiting from this training programme and encouraged them to capitalise on the opportunity and to learn all that they can. “In this world, technology does not stand still. You keep moving, you keep changing and you keep learning. The key element to take away from this is that this course is preparing you for the world of work. I want you to enjoy these weeks… [You] can do anything you put [your] mind to,” Mrs. Granger said

Mrs. Granger thanked Ms. Amna Ally, Minister of Social Protection for continuing to support the programme, which was initiated under the stewardship of Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence, who during her tenure in the Social Ministry was a strong proponent of the initiative.

Meanwhile, Information Technology (IT) Technician and Co-ordinator of Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Guyana Project, Ms. Karen Abrams, who delivered the charge to the participants, encouraged them to seize the opportunity given to them.

“You are now given access to opportunity… You have the opportunity to learn all these things that are very important fundamentals. From this stage you will be able to take those tools and use them to solve problems within your communities. Don’t just complain about the problem. Use the tool of technology that you have access to [and] create solutions,” Ms. Abrams said.

Facilitator, Mr. Fitzroy Younge, who provided a brief overview of the programme, noted that the training, in addition to ICT, is intended to focus on basic office skills, numeracy and literacy training, sexual and reproductive health and will also include training in Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

The participants are between the ages of 16–25 and the sessions will be held three days per week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:30h to 20:30h. Each participant will be awarded a certificate of successful completion, which is accredited by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

Press and Publicity Unit
Ministry of the Presidency
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MOTP calls for retraction of mischievous Stabroek News editorial

Georgetown, Guyana – (June 19, 2017) The Ministry of the Presidency (MOTP) rejects outright, the misrepresentations and obvious discrepancies, which appear to be designed to damage the reputation of President David Granger and, by extension, the Coalition Government, in the Stabroek News Editorial published on Sunday, June 18 regarding the reassignment of Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine.

On Tuesday, June 13, the Ministry issued a release announcing the adjustments in ministerial responsibilities, which saw Minister Nicolette Henry now holding the post of Minister of Education, while Dr. Roopnaraine, who held that position since 2015, was reassigned to the Ministry of the Presidency. These adjustments were made in response to the findings in the preliminary report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Education sector, which prioritised the need for reform and innovation.

Dr. Roopnaraine had submitted that report on June 1 and the President, having reviewed that report on his return from the European Development Days (EDD) 2017 conference in Belgium, recognised that immediate action needed to be taken to address the findings of that report.

On Monday, June 12 President Granger convened two separate meetings; one with Dr. Roopnaraine and the other with the WPA’s Chairman, Mr. Desmond Trotman, during which the reassignment was discussed before it was taken to Cabinet the following day. This was confirmed by Dr. Roopnaraine himself, who is reported in the Stabroek News editorial as saying that he was personally consulted.

Ignoring the need for urgent action in the education sector, the writer intimates that this move was insensitive on the part of the President with regard to the death anniversary of Walter Rodney on Tuesday, June 13. So desperate was the writer to make that unfortunate correlation that Monday, June 12, was referred to as June 13 in the first line of the editorial. Further, the writer sought to draw some bizarre correlation between the Head of State’s so-called “insensitivity” and his military career, referencing the latter twice in the article. The Ministry questions the insinuation being made here and reaffirms that the decision to reassign Dr. Roopnaraine was a critical, administrative one

The Editorial also stated that upon aligning itself with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), the WPA was allocated the Ministry of Education. This is a falsehood. The assigning of Ministerial office is done by the Head of State, the only one with the Constitutional authority to do so. Minister Roopnarine was assigned as Minister of Education. The Minister of Education was not allocated to the WPA or any political party. While there were certain agreements in the Cummingsburg Accord with regard to the Alliance for Change (AFC) that were adhered to, Ministerial appointments are done at the discretion of the President.

Further the Editorial states that “As far the PNC is concerned…the WPA brought no votes of any consequence to the partnership”. This is another falsehood. The PNC has never made any such statement at any forum. This is conjecture by the writer, which they then erroneously attribute to the PNC. The WPA remains a strong member of APNU and the Coalition Government and it is noted that the author ignores the fact that Dr. Roopnaraine remains a member of the Cabinet as well as a Member of Parliament. The Ministry therefore calls on Stabroek News to retract the Editorial and for an apology to be issued to the President.

Press and Publicity Unit
Ministry of the Presidency
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