sor rally 1A.P.N.U campaign brought life to Georgetown at the Square of the Revolution on Friday 29th   July 2011. Thousands turned out from various sections of the city and even from across the regions to witness history in the making as A Partnership For national Unity (A.P.N.U) held its first open-air rally in the capital.

Three different groups of marchers assembled at various points of the city late Friday afternoon and all marched to the Square of the Revolution with music and much fanfare. The rally welcomed the dawn of a new political era – a partnership that promises to include all citizens interested in national unity.

A.P.N.U officials Dr. David Hinds, Ms. Dawn Hastings M.P., Mr. Basil Williams M.P., Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine and A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger made presentations.  Leader of the PNCR and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Hon. Robert Corbin, other A.P.N.U officials and endorsers were also in attendance.

Presenters at that rally pointed to the need for the setting up of a Government of National unity – a task to which the A.P.N.U is committed. They also highlighted various problems plaguing society – including unemployment, crime, a failing education sector, the delinquent judicial system and government corruption.

Dr. David Hinds declared Friday evening “Operation Take Back Guyana”. He said that “A.P.N.U is a partnership of political parties and organisations coming together to do something special and something new”. He reiterated that the partnership did not mean that the parties have given up their identities but have collaborated for a common good. He noted that the A.P.N.U is a force to reckon with as “the A.P.N.U is a symbolism of the PNC and the WPA – parties which had big differences in the past – coming together transcending their differences in the interest of all Guyana.”

Ms. Dawn Hastings, M.P., who hails from the village of Kako in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region, greeted the gathering in Akawaio language. Ms. Hastings said that she was convinced that the A.P.N.U’s vision of a Government of National Unity is the answer to the fears of our country’s Indigenous peoples. She called on all Amerindians to support the A.P.N.U and its Presidential Candidate Brigadier (ret) David Granger, emphasising that, under the David Granger and A.P.N.U administration, there will be a good life for all Guyanese.

Mr. Basil Williams, M.P., PNCR Vice-Chairman, noted that A.P.N.U has been formed at a time when Guyana is beset by a number of problems. He added that the initiative has been in motion a long time ago and is convinced that the partnership now formed “could rescue this nation and remove this tyrant government from off the backs of the Guyanese people”.

Mr. Williams also noted that there is massive poverty in Guyana as he quoted from the United Nations’ Human Development Report which indicates that about 40 per cent of the Guyanese population is poor and pointed to the high unemployment rate. He further stated that the A.P.N.U will ensure that the judiciary functions efficiently by appointing more judges as the judges are overworked and their conditions of service leaves much to be desired. Mr. Williams also spoke of the stagnant level of wages and salaries and the rising cost of living that continue to wreak havoc on the lives of our citizens.


sor rally 2Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine reminded the large crowd that they are the owners of our nation and not those currently in office who continue to disrespect and disregard their rights. “You have come to proudly proclaim your ownership of our beautiful Guyana. You are showing those who in their arrogance and presumptuousness are behaving as though all of Guyana is their private property. You are showing them who are the true and rightful owners of Guyana.”  He stated that the PPP/C’s days are numbered. “The days when they can share out the riches and the resources of Guyana to their families and their friends and their cronies” are coming to an end.

Dr. Roopnaraine added that one-party rule that has brought Guyana to its knees and the same one-party rule that is driving citizens out of Guyana by the droves. “It is one-party rule that has able bodied citizens scavenging for necessities. It is one-party rule that gives us 12, 000 school dropouts every year as the collapsed education system is leaving all our children behind”. Dr. Roopnaraine went on to point out that Guyana has the highest suicide rate in this hemisphere and ranks 7th in the world. He added that it is time to reclaim Guyana, fight for social justice and a clean Government.

A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger said that the PPP/C over the last 19 years has brought about the worst changes in Guyana since it first gained Independence. These included “armed robberies, banditry, domestic violence, murder and piracy [which] have scared away investors and have stunted the economic growth. Poverty and other problems have created a hoard of beggars”.

Mr. Granger added that the majority of Guyana now wants change. A.P.N.U is searching and selecting the most qualified Guyanese to create a Government of National Unity to effect that change –change he believes that Guyanese will not get under a continued PPP/C Administration. “Ramotar does not stand for change when he promises to continue what Bharrat Jagdeo has been doing. Ramotar does not stand for change when he threatens this country with five more years of failure; failure to create jobs for our young people, failure to help workers even in GUYSUCO whose board he’s sitting on. Ramotar does not stand for change when he promises to continue Jagdeo’s security policy which has given this country a murder rate that is more than three times that of the United States, which has made Guyana into a narco state”.

The Presidential Candidate added that the PPP/C continues to hold on to the policies of yesterday while A.P.N.U has the policies of tomorrow.  He ended by calling on all Guyanese who yearn for change to come and board and share the vision for a renewed Guyana.

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