buxton 1A team of A.P.N.U official, leaders and activists led by Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger, A.P.N.U officials, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine and Dr. David Hinds of the WPA, and local activists Mr. Deon Abrams and Mr. Maurice Wilson, participated in a three hour walk-about in Buxton-Friendship on the 3rd August 2011. This activity is part of a massive outreach by A.P.N.U aimed at taking the Partnership into homes and communities across the length and breadth of Guyana.  A.P.N.U leaders were able to hear from villagers about the problems which beset their community and their views on how to solve them. They identified high unemployment as the biggest problem and urged A.P.N.U team to make jobs a priority when it gets into office. Many were full of praise for the partnership between the PNCR and WPA and were thrilled to see the leaders of the two parties together in Buxton.

buxton 3Some villagers also expressed disgust at the manner in which the PPP/C has tried to bribe villagers with handouts. An A.P.N.U handbill which addressed this issue was distributed by the team. It read in part: “The PPP has tried to make Buxton their playground. They want to turn Buxton into a Plantation again. They are no different from the slave-masters of old. Their plan for Buxton is to come here and throw some crumbs at Buxtonions. They have decided that Buxtonions can be bribed. So they get a few of our villagers and excite them with 52 million dollars for Tipperary Hall. These villagers fell for the trap, brought Jagdeo here and forced our children to sing and dance for him. The PPP then took the pictures and show them to the world. They boast how the conquered Buxton. They will use Tipperary as an election gimmick to get your votes. But don’t be fooled. That 52 million dollars did not come from Jagdeo pocket. It’s the taxpayers’ money. It’s your money. Our task is to vote these crooks out of office.”


buxton 2A.P.N.U team also distributed food hampers to scores of senior citizens in the village as part of the Emancipation observances. Similar exercises are planned in the coming weeks in other East Coast communities including Anns Grove-Clonbrook; Anandale-Lusignan, Enmore-Haslington, Paradise-Enterprise, Beterverwagting-Triumph and Mahaica

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