a section of the gathering at the meeting2A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger, Regional Chairman for the Demerara-Mahaica Region, Mr. Clement Corlette and A.P.N.U Campaign Director, Mr. Joseph Harmon met residents of Mocha-Arcadia on Friday 9th September 2011. The almost 200 residents gathered at the Mocha Primary school as the election campaign gathers momentum.

Mr. Granger reminded the residents of how the PPP/C Administration has damaged the entire country. Making reference to the school building in which Friday’s meeting was held, Mr. Granger noted that no development was evident as it lacked proper laboratories, libraries, function lavatories and sporting facilities and its limited furniture was ancient and uncomfortable.

presidential candidate mr. david granger speaking to the gathering at the meeting2He also referred to the recent showdown at the Golden Grove Secondary School where parents were forced to close the school on the first day of the new term as a result of its hazardous condition. “These are perfect examples of what contributes to the more than 7000 children who drop out of Primary and Secondary schools and the education system every year in Guyana”, he added.

A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate added that his administration’s mission will be to make Guyana an ‘education nation.’ The first step will be to improve the conditions of service for university lecturers and teachers. “I will make the teaching profession the best in the public service; teachers will be at the top of the line”. He said too that unlike the PPP/C’s visionless manner of wildly sharing out laptops and attempting to buy votes, he has a plan to ensure that all of Guyana travels the information highway. “The whole of Georgetown will be a hotspot – you all are entitled to travel the information highway”.

Mr. Granger recalled that the PPP/C has done little in the interest of ordinary people. He said “President Jagdeo and the PPP/C regime have done nothing for you to appreciate. The administration is not being run in the interest of the population; people are fed up and want to see the backs of the PPP/C. A.P.N.U is an association of National Unity, not one of division”.

a resident reading one of the many flyers of the a.p.n.u2He noted too that neither the PPP/C nor the AFC candidates can speak candidly of crime, jobs or security because they cannot solve those problems. Mr. Granger ended by noting the continue hike in crime as the Government continues to ignore the cries of the nation’s people. He added too that the PPP/C Government has even refused to have an enquiry after their Minister Satyadeo Sawh was assassinated. He said that under an A.P.N.U Government of National Unity all will have a voice – A.P.N.U is about partnership. “We do not believe in winner takes all because that system has divided our country. We will set up a government of National Unity.”

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