dgSeveral events this week point to anxiety and confusion in the PPP/C camp.  After looking into his crystal ball two weeks ago President Bharrat Jagdeo predicted victory for the PPP/C at the 2011 Presidential elections.  In the last week, however, President Jagdeo and his charge, Mr. Donald Ramotar engaged in a spectacular reversal of confidence by desperately calling for a reopening of the registration period.  It seemed that their internal analysts finally sat down to analyze the numbers and realized that President Jagdeo’s projections of victory were just not assured.

More recently, Mr. Ramotar continued to parrot President Jagdeo’s criticism of Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger by blatantly lying about the candidate’s involvement in conjured-up nefarious political activities almost 40 years ago. In spite of the PPP/C control of the national media, in spite of their suppression of the press, in spite of using state resources to fund Mr. Ramotar’s campaign, in spite of all the advantages they have crafted for themselves, they are still threatened.

The PPP/C are sufficiently threatened by their own poor record of management, by their poor record of corruption, by their inability to manage sea defence, by their inability to provide clean water at a suitable pressure for citizens, by their inability to provide electricity and a sewage network to many of their own supporters, by their inability to protect women and children in society, by their inability to secure roads, by their inability to create a growing economy and provide jobs for underemployed citizens and by their inability to curb rampant crime. The only way out now is for them to focus on lies. A long stream of never-ending lies.

Presidential Candidate, Brig. David Granger, therefore, challenges the PPP/C to produce any records they have proving his involvement in any nefarious activities. The PPP/C cannot produce one such document because they are lying to defame their biggest threat, A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger.

The question we need to ask is, why does the PPP/C feels the need to lie about a decorated patriot? Why the need to rewrite history? The answer is, they lie because they have dis-served even their own supporters? They lie because, after nearly 20 continuous years, they still cannot point to a list of achievements that should speak for their party and most importantly, they lie because their greatest fear is losing the upcoming election. The PPP/C has miscalculated, however. They fail to understand that Guyanese, young and old see through their lies, and care more about their rampant lawlessness, corruption, and the scourge of joblessness in Guyana?

Finally, it is important to note that Major General Norman Mc Lean; the same one President Jagdeo hired repeatedly was Chief of Staff of the army during the time period in question. Why no accusations of Major General Mc Lean? Brigadier Granger was never chief of staff. Perhaps if Mr. Ramotar had prepared better for this campaign, instead of the way he prepared GuySuCo for its current disastrous state, he would know that.

Mr. Ramotar and the PPP/C are desperate and they are, therefore, clutching at straws but the people of Guyana know better. The people of Guyana want change and A.P.N.U and Presidential Candidate, Mr. David Granger will bring that change. PPP/C’s continuous stream of lies will not be able to stop that progress.

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