pncr leader and leader of the opposition speaking to some residents of the east berbice-corentyne regionA Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has accused the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government and the Regional administration of the East Berbice-Corentyne Region of neglecting several communities – especially New Amsterdam and the East Bank – in East Berbice.

APNU Members of Parliament visited several communities during a massive outreach on Sunday 11th November. Teams made up of MPs and local residents met residents of Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Glasgow, Overwinning, Lighttown, Stanleytown, Sandvoort, Angoy’s Avenue, Tucber and Vryman’s Erven communities.

Townsfolk and villagers complained most of all about the absence of employment opportunities and lack of jobs after youths graduate from high school and university. Many residents are forced to take up residence in Georgetown and other parts of the country while they seek employment.

Villagers on the East Bank complained about the poor quality of the public road which had to be shut down by public protests twice this year – in February and July. They were also angry about the lack, or poor quality, of potable water in their communities. They say that water seldom runs through their taps and is always discoloured and pungent. Some are forced to catch water in very dangerous and unhealthy situations.

Berbicians noted the lack of lighting for the streets; the lack of land lines for telephones and the lack of recreational facilities for youths. Residents also complained about official discrimination and neglect by the central and regional administration which pays more attention to the Corentyne Coast in preference to the East Berbice communities.

The team was led by Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger, APNU Chief Whip Ms. Amna Ally, PNCR Chairman Mr. Basil Williams MP, Guyana Action Party (GAP) Mr. Sydney Allicock MP, Justice For All Party (JFA) Mr. Jaipaul Sharma MP, and National Front Alliance (NFA) Mr. Keith Scott MP.

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