1926687_10200298179933697_2169852945305345845_nAddressing the under-funding, lack of resources and governmental interference by the People’s Progressive Party of the University of Guyana, Brigadier Granger said, “It is heart breaking. We have to give the University of Guyana what it needs… an APNU government will make teachers the highest paid public servants… an APNU government is going to pump more money into UG to bring it on par with Cave Hill, St. Augustine and Mona.  The Cyril Potter College of Education must likewise get the resources it needs to produce quality teachers… we are in the information age and APNU commits to giving every teacher a Lap-Top.”

Brigadier Granger also made a promise that under an APNU administration all graduates of the University of Guyana would be assured employment within twelve months of graduating and Technical Institutes would be constructed in every region of the country.

Brigadier Granger said that education was the area where the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration had failed the people of Guyana the most. He told those in attendance that APNU was going to be the next government of Guyana, and would establish a government of national unity. Brigadier Granger said the time had come to put an end to the winner take all politics and one party rule.


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