hugo chavezIt is with great sadness that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) learnt of the death of Mr. Hugo Chavez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on Tuesday 5th March 2013, following his heroic fight with cancer.

The late President Chavez was a great friend of Guyana and his unequivocal commitment to finding a peaceful settlement to the Guyana-Venezuela Border controversy and his country’s great economic assistance, through Petrocaribe S.A., are but two of the many benefits Guyana received from this great friend and visionary.

Despite strong criticism of his leadership, from a small group of developed countries, the monumental social achievements of the Chavez Government stand among the tallest in the world.   Additionally, in the last 10 years (2002- 2012) the Venezuelan economy has grown 47.4% despite continuing predictions of economic collapse and debt crises, making its economy the quiet envy of many of its staunchest critics.

APNU sends sincerest condolences to the Government and People of Venezuela on the death of their beloved leader. We are confident that President Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution will live on.

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