A Partnership for National Unity denounces the derogatory declarations made by President Donald Ramotar in the course of his opening address at the 30th Congress of the People’s Progressive Party on 2nd August at Port Mourant, Corentyne.


APNU refutes President Ramotar’s allegations that the Opposition in the National Assembly has “tried to use Parliament to block social and economic progress.”  APNU denies, categorically, the President’s claim that it “voted down the solar panel project for people in the interior, stopping Amerindian communities from enjoying basic services to which all people are entitled [or that it] voted down the Amerindian Land Titling, stopping people in those communities from developing their own projects and creating their own wealth.”


APNU calls on President Ramotar to withdraw his offensive remarks that the present National Assembly was “a wound on the body politic of our nation… a wound and one that is festering and reopening every time a sensible, moral and costed development project is stalled because the Opposition wants to hold back progress, or the cheap publicity or promoting agendas inimical to our people.”


APNU feels that the President’s description of the opposition as “those who seek to reduce our parliament to a farce and impede our efforts to invest in our future;” that he believed that the opposition was “crippling Guyana” and that it had taken a “nonsensical” stance on development have the potential to pollute the political atmosphere damage the prospect of dialogue between APNU and the PPP/C.


APNU iterates that it remains committed to civil discourse. It remains committed to collaborating with all parties, civil society and non-governmental organisations in order to contribute to the national development. It will continue to work towards the achievement of “inclusionary democracy” as prescribed by the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.


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