police-brutalityA Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has repeated its condemnation of the blatant acts of police brutality at Marudi in the Rupununi Region and has renewed its call for an “immediate and independent investigation” into the incident.

The incident occurred on Saturday 2nd March 2013, when members of the Guyana Police Force accompanied officials from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission GG&MC) to evict miners from the Marudi mining district. Photographs published in press and a video clip posted on YouTube showed policeman dragging and flogging civilians, while other police officers and mining officials looked on. The victims of the violence included unarmed women and children.

The Partnership has called on President Donald Ramotar and Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Clement Rohee to issue statements on behalf of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration condemning the criminal assault. It noted also that, to date, the Guyana Police Force has not punished the officers responsible for the act.

APNU has condemned the flippant comments of Commissioner of Police Mr. Leroy Brummell. When asked whether he was shocked by the images of policemen beating unarmed civilians answered “after 37 years in the business and when you see certain things, you don’t be shocked.”

APNU condemns all aspects of violence and especially violence against women and children and calls on the Police Force to ensure that all Guyanese, particularly women in mining areas, receive the full protection of their fundamental rights under the constitution.

APNU reiterates its lack of confidence in the ability of the current Minister of Home Affairs to manage public security in a manner that will allow all Guyanese to be safe and enjoy a good life.

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