A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is outraged that the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) has unjustifiably and brazenly moved to increase electricity rates. This hike comes at a time when an increasing number of Guyanese are suffering from the ravages of rising poverty levels, induced by the failing policies of the Administration resulting in the extremely high cost of living. Additionally, it adds to the emotional stress that Guyanese are suffering as a consequence of the personal insecurity created by the high levels of crime and the low quality of life.

Guyanese should not be asked to continue to pay for the inefficiencies of GPL, primarily as the result of poor management and endemic levels of corruption within the corporation. The Guyanese public needs to be informed of the deliberate lies and misrepresentation being touted, through the abuse of the state financed GINA and the monopolised NCN, by GPL executives and Ministers of the Government. The truth is that, during the debate of the 2012 National Budget, the Opposition requested that GPL should submit a credible management plan to justify the release of the subsidy which they were asking for. This was never submitted by GPL and, as a consequence, a similar condition was set for the release of the subsidy requested in the 2013 National Budget. Therefore, the claim that the Opposition has arbitrarily withheld the requested subsidy is a deliberate misrepresentation.

The Guyanese public has had to continue to suffer regular power outages, the unstable power supply which has been damaging their domestic appliances, as well as the frequent incidence of electrical fires.

The Government of Guyana and GPL are playing a dangerous game with the future of our people. A Partnership for National Unity calls for good sense to prevail before any decision is made to increase electricity rates at this time.

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