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On Tuesday 11th September 2012, the village of Agricola on the East Bank of Demerara experienced its own 9/11. It was the “oh too” familiar scene of weeping mothers, dead and injured Guyanese, blood and of course, members of the Guyana Police Force, who residents have accused of the use of excessive force and murder.

At 17:00 hrs (5:00 pm) on that same day, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Brigadier David Granger visited the scene of horror with former Commissioner of Police, Mr. Winston Felix, MP, and Central Executive member of the PNCR, Ms. Malika Ramsey, where they received first hand information from residents on the shooting incident.

The Opposition Leader also visited the scene of the shooting at Caesar Street, Agricola and spoke to the families of the dead teen, Shaquille Grant called “Georgie”, and the injured, Romel Bollers, Troy Greenidge, Jamal Henry and Nicholas Eastman. He interacted with residents in which he was adamant that the APNU would hold the powers that be accountable if a thorough investigation into this apparent avoidable killing was not conducted.

Brigadier Granger also called for an inquest into the death of the teen as provided by law and committed that legal officers from APNU would work assiduously to secure the pre-trial liberty of those youths who are incarcerated. These youths would be guaranteed legal representation from the APNU.

Attorney-at-Law, Mr. James Bond, MP, was tasked with providing legal services for the four young men that are incarcerated and has since visited them at the Brickdam lockups where he interviewed them. He also raised with Senior Superintendant Ramsay, the Officer in Charge of Crime for “A” Division, the question of bail for the young men, but Officer Ramsay has indicated that an identification parade will first have to be conducted whereafter the question of bail would be addressed.

APNU will continue to be committed to ensuring and enforcing respect for the Human Rights of all Guyanese citizens, as espoused by Leader of the Opposition, Brigadier David Granger. The people of Guyana, like the village of Agricola, have had their basic human rights to life, as well as freedom of assembly and association, trampled upon and run roughshod over by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic regime and the Guyana Police Force. It is, therefore, not surprising that APNU has committed its legal officers to assist the victims of this latest instance of police brutality in every way possible, as is the case with regard to the incidents at Linden. We believe that the use of deadly force, as declared by the then President Bharrat Jagdeo, has now become the culture of the Guyana Police Force. As a consequence, the average Guyanese citizen can no longer feel safe in Guyana.

We urge every Guyanese, irrespective of their race, class, religion, or political persuasion, to register their utter disgust at these heinous acts by members of the Guyana Police Force.

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