apnu presidential candidate mr. david granger being welcome to bartica by a young residentA.P.N.U Presidential Candidate Brigadier (ret) David Granger will make the Cuyuni-Mazaruni safe and will ensure that Bartica becomes a town. Granger made these commitments while meeting residents of that community on Saturday 8th October.

Mr. Granger said that he is proud to have grown up in Bartica where he attended the St. John Anglican Church and School. He reminded Barticians that their town was the oldest, most beautiful and restful hinterland settlement. Bartica, established nearly 170 years ago, is well laid out and possesses all the infrastructure for a town – aerodrome, banks, churches, mandirs and masjids, hotels, hospital, market, police station, post office, schools, TV station and utilities such as telephones, electricity and water supply. Its annual Easter Regatta is an important national festival.

He added that under an A.P.N.U administration, Bartica which has been deliberately denied township status by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration will have its own mayor and its legendary cultural life will be restored.

Mr. Granger pointed out that Bartica is the capital of the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region – an area that is bigger than Switzerland and potentially the richest part of the country. “This region is bigger than any other English-speaking country and will become an economic powerhouse under an A.P.N.U administration”. He promised to unlock the Region’s potential by making it safe for investors, miners, loggers and tourists.

apnu team in bartica on sat. 8th octHe added that the February 2008 massacre in which a dozen Barticians were slaughtered was the consequence of the PPP/C’s bizarre public security policy which failed to prevent lawlessness and failed to protect ordinary citizens from criminal violence. “There will be a full enquiry. I’ll convene a Commission of Inquiry and you’ll have answers to that horrible crime against Bartica. The PPP has not done it and will never do it,” Mr. Granger said”.

Mr. Granger assured residents that the Police Commander of ‘E and F’ divisions will be relocated from Eve Leary in Georgetown to Bartica. The Police will be provided with the aircraft, boats, manpower and other resources to protect the lives and livelihood of ordinary people and ensure the security of the entire Region.

Brigadier Granger’s delegation to Bartica included former members of the National Assembly, Ms. Amna Ally, Ms. Judith Blair-David, Dr. George Norton and Ms. Clarissa Riehl, GPP leader Mr. Vaughn Phillips and Mr. James Bond. They were joined by a large contingent of Barticians led by Regional Chairman, Mr. Holbert Knights and former Chairman, Mr. Gordon Bradford.

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