Jawalla, ETC - 27


Brigadier Granger focused his message on education, beginning the meeting by presenting tablet computers to Jawalla’s Toshao, Lita John, and Kako Primary School Headmistress Stephanie Krammer, repeating his pledge that a David Granger presidency would engage the teacher’s union to ensure that teachers are the best paid public servants in Guyana.

Holding up his cell phone for emphasis, he told those in attendance that there are 600,000 mobile handsets in Guyana, but even with this seemingly high penetration of mobile devices in the country there are extensive areas around the country where people are not served by a cellular network and have no access to the internet. This was not just a mere inconvenience but a major hurdle to education from the primary to tertiary level.

Brigadier Granger pledged that an APNU+AFC government would work to see that every school has an equipped and functioning computer lab and that information technology infrastructure was such that the University of Guyana could allow students to complete degree programs from far-flung areas via distance education programs.

Imbaimadai 6

Dr. George Norton addressing residents of Imbaimadai

He was accompanied by his wife, Sandra; PNCR Vice-Chairman and former APNU parliamentarian Dr. George Norton; former APNU parliamentarian Dawn Hastings; Guyana Action Party member and Region No. 7 Vice-Chairman Marita Thomas; and Region No. 7 Chairman Gordon Bradford.

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