Teacher John ADAMS- Slapped 2

Mr. John Adams

The national attention which the Aishalton presidential ‘feral blast’ and the accompanying assault of Mr. John Adams by members of President Donald Ramotar’s security detail has garnered, forced an embarrassed PPP to resort to tactics that can only work to the detriment of the children of Aishalton.

APNU strongly affirms that the education of the children of this nation must not be tampered with for narrow political gain or to save political face.

Mr. John Adams is the only Mathematics teacher in the entire South Rupununi. He has proven to be a very good teacher who is committed to the education of the children of the South Rupununi. Mr. Adams and the children of Aishalton should not be victimized for the boorish and un-presidential behaviour exhibited by Donald Ramotar.

APNU wishes to assure the Amerindian people of the Partnership’s respect for the their right to public dissent, and that any dictatorial or unfavourable decision which is taken by the minority PPP/C Administration against Mr. John Adams will be reviewed by an APNU administration.

APNU calls on all concerned especially the people of the Upper Takatu–Upper Essequibo Region to resist the pressure being exerted by operatives of the PPP and stand up for the children of Aishalton and a better life for all Guyanese.

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