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A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) empathizes with the residents of Peter’s Hall, Providence and Nandy Park, whose lives have been severely disrupted by flooding. The door of the koker which is the primary river defence for the villages of Peter’s Hall and Providence on the East Bank of Demerara River collapsed during the high tide last evening.

A team of Members of Parliament from APNU headed by Shadow Minister for Local Government, Mr. Ronald Bulkan toured the affected areas this morning, Thursday 9th October 2014. It is apposite to note that at 09:30 hours residents reported to APNU team and the media that no Government Minister had visited the area.

On Friday 10th January 2014, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) publicly expressed flooding peters hall_providence 12its dismay at the continued failure of the People’ s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration to protect the population from the ravages of repeated flooding. APNU has lamented repeatedly on this failure and called on the Government to urgently launch a comprehensive national flood control plan. APNU said that the development of such a plan and engagement with qualified persons who can assist in its formulation is a matter of urgency. The Partnership insists that the PPP/C Administration’s lack of a coherent response to the management and maintenance of our sea and river defences is economically and environmentally unsustainable, and the loss of household goods, domestic and agricultural equipment, livestock, destruction of homes, etc., demand an alternative strategy.

APNU affirms that the present crisis on the East Bank of Demerara is a clear failure of the local government system. This neglect by the PPP/C Administration has placed residents at great risk. APNU feels that this was a ‘man-made catastrophe’ brought about by the damaged local government system and a PPP/C Administration that is callously unconcerned with local communities and local democracy.

APNU calls on President Donald Ramotar to immediately order all relevant Government agencies to take all necessary measures to deal with the public health crisis, loss and damage to personal property, and the human tragedy caused by the failure of the Peters Hall/Providence river defence system (koker).

APNU team included Members of Parliament, Mr. Ronald Bulkan, Ms. Annette Ferguson, Ms. Joan Mabel Baveghems, Mr. Desmond Trotman and Mr. Ernest Elliott.

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