Ykinipa [Dr. George Norton addressing residents of Ykinipa]

PNCR Vice Chairman and former MP of the APNU, Dr. George Norton addressing residents of Ykinipa.

On a recent visit to riverine communities of the Pomeroon, Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, Brigadier David Granger, listened to the concerns of the residents of Ykinipa and explained the APNU+AFC’s plans for the development of the citizens of the Pomeroon.

Residents highlighted several concerns, including lack of training and educational opportunities and the sloth of land-demarcation by the PPP/C Administration.

Speaking on the issue of land-use rights one resident of Ykinipa said, “This forest is not only our home; it is our supermarket, our pharmacy”.  Brigadier Granger told residents that he understood the culture of the people living in the Pomeroon and that he recognized that what they needed was access to land – not house lots – to hunt, fish, gather building materials and to provide a livelihood.  He promised that an APNU+AFC government would re-establish a Lands Commission to investigate and resolve land claims.

Ykinipa [Presenting primary school headmaster, Tristin Joseph with a Tablet computer]

Brigadier David Granger presenting a Tablet to Mr. Tristin Joseph, Headmaster of the Primary School at Ykinipa.

Residents further complained that the Donald Ramotar government was ignoring their calls to assist in the building of a proper stelling and in the clearing of their creeks, which can narrow severely and become dangerous to travel due to fallen trees and dense vegetation.  Brigadier Granger opined that the creeks and rivers were the “highways” of the Pomeroon and need regular maintenance, just as actual roads and highways do.

In keeping with his ‘One Laptop Per Teacher’ initiative Brigadier Granger presented a tablet computer to the primary school headmaster, Tristin Joseph.

Brigadier Granger was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Sandra Granger, and People’s National Congress Reform Vice-Chairman, Dr. George Norton.

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