Moruca-1923-EditBrigadier David Granger, Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and Presidential Candidate for the APNU+AFC Coalition, attended a Rally held in Santa Rosa, Moruca in the Barima-Waini Region (Region No. 1) on Friday 10th April.

Moruca has got potential, but that potential is being strangled by a government that does not care, that does not provide to you the resources to develop,” Brigadier Granger began. He highlighted the fact that the Barima-Waini region is four times the size of Trinidad and Tobago and rich in minerals and timber but still remains poor. The Leader told residents that he and his delegation were not in the largest indigenous community in the country to talk about the past but, “to talk about the future of Region One, the future of Moruca,” and to address issues and concerns of women and young Guyanese; to discuss plans for education, jobs, safe drinking water, and land.

Moruca-1854Brigadier Granger reminded residents that A Partnership for National Unity – which comprises five, at times disparate parties – has been a showcase for national unity and an example of a functioning Coalition for four years, and that with the formation of the APNU+AFC Coalition those credentials have been strengthened. He noted that there are a great many developed and thriving countries around the world led by coalition governments, and he is confident that Guyana would follow suit. Of the APNU+AFC Coalition, Brigadier Granger said, “we are not an African party, we are not an East Indian party, we are a national party that will govern in the interest of all the people.”

Brigadier Granger was accompanied by his wife, Sandra Granger; former APNU Parliamentarian, Ms. Rennita Williams; and PNCR Vice Chairman and former APNU Parliamentarian, Dr. George Norton.

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