brigadier david granger in region 9 2Leader of the Opposition Brigadier David Granger told resident of Sawariwau, “You are not “bush;” you are part of a 21st century country and your children deserve a higher standard of education; you deserve better roads and bridges; you deserve a good life…”

Brigadier Granger and his team which included Mr. Sydney Allicock MP; Regional Democratic Councillors, Mr. Vincent Henry, Carl Parker and Ms. Dionysia Thres visited Sawariwau, Kootanarib and Schulinab villages in the South Central Rupununi Savannahs.

Brigadier Granger and Mr. Allicock addressed Toshaos and villagers at well-attended meetings at which their complaints and anxieties were discussed openly and questions were answered about the national budget and Amerindian development. Brigadier Granger also thanked residents for their role in the November 28th 2011 election which he said changed Guyana’s politics forever.

Brigadier Granger invited villagers to look around the Rupununi and ask themselves whether they were satisfied with the results of twenty years of the PPP/C administration. He promised that APNU would work to bring meaningful change to the region and to provide a good life for all Guyanese.

Brigadier Granger pointed out that the Rupununi Region was almost the size of Costa Rica but had no motorable roads. He iterated APNU’s commitment to work for the construction of a modern highway linking Lethem with Linden and the north savannahs with the south and central. He called on the government to replace the present primitive tracks and trails with a modern highway so that residents could transport their produce to profitable markets.

Brigadier Granger and Mr. Allicock told the villagers that much more can be done to stimulate job-creation and wealth by agro-processing, aqua-culture and micro-enterprises at the village level. He encouraged village leaders and local officials to continue to press the central government so that land demarcation could be successfully concluded.

Brigadier Granger reminded Rupununi residents of A Partnership for National Unity’s commitment to continue to work towards lowering their cost of living and improving their standard of living. He said that the Rupununi was not a patch of backward “bush” but a part of a modern state. The people, however, were being kept poor by the policies of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic government.

“I don’t want to see you mired in poverty for the rest of your lives. My dream is of a country with a first-class education system that produces doctors, engineers and scientists who can contribute to the development of the Rupununi and the rest of Guyana,” Brigadier Granger declared.

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