1 apnu team answering questions3A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U) Presidential Candidate Brigadier (ret) David Granger told Guyanese in Florida that A.P.N.U will bring change to Guyana. Speaking in three cities – Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale – during a hectic weekend visit on 23rd-26th September, Mr. Granger explained the Partnership’s policy and strategy for victory at the forthcoming elections.

The Presidential Candidate was accompanied by his wife Sandra, WPA Co-Leader Dr Rupert Roopnarine and Campaign Director Mr. Joseph Harmon. The team, visiting at the invitation of a number of Guyanese living in Florida, held discussions about social and political change in their homeland.

Mr. Granger and Dr. Roopnarine addressed a large gala reception in Miami on Friday 23rd. They responded to questions about the current dismal education standards and unemployment of youth, the worrying security situation, governmental graft and corruption and the need to ensure free and fair elections.

1 apnu presidential candidate david granger3Mr. Granger and Dr. Roopnarine emphasised that their objective of inclusionary democracy – which is enshrined in the Constitution of Guyana – was a change from the ‘winner-takes-all’ politics which has characterized elections since the introduction of universal adult suffrage. A.P.N.U, they said, is committed to transform the country’s political culture and will encourage citizens to play a role in its development.

The Presidential Candidate’s wife, Mrs. Sandra Granger, also met separately with a group of women in Miami. She was invited to share her views on the importance of an A.P.N.U win in the upcoming general elections and answered a number of questions relating to poverty, youth involvement and the need for vigilance on Election Day.

A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate and party travelled to Orlando where they held discussions with a group of concerned Guyanese. Residents expressed their disappointment with the direction in which the country is currently going and urged the need to improve public security, education and employment in Guyana. The team also visited the annual ‘Curry-Duck-Curry Competition’ on Saturday 24th September where they were greeted by the contestants and visitors to the competition and had their photographs taken with many of those present. Mr. Granger was invited to address the gathering, and praised the organizers and participants for their efforts. He expressed the hope that the Competition would become an enduring tradition and expression of “Guyaneseness” in Orlando.

1 guests at the miami reception3A.P.N.U team met with friends and supporters in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday 25th September where Mr. Granger and Dr. Roopnarine brought participants up-to-date on the situation in Guyana. They iterated their message that the country needed to be saved from the ravages of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration and retaken for the good of posterity. Residents raised questions about the political, social and economic environment in the country, particularly the crime situation and the impact of the narco-trade, joblessness among youth, the crisis in the education system and the widening gap between the rich and poor in the country.

Mr. Granger and Dr. Roopnarine underlined the need for all Guyanese – both in and outside of Guyana – to become involved in the development of the country and its people. A.P.N.U promised to make the country safe for citizens and for investment and to bring back the high standards of education for which Guyana had once been famous. “Guyanese,” Mr. Granger promised, would once again “be proud to identify themselves as Guyanese.

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