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Public Safety refers to the welfare and protection of the general public.  APNU expressly understands the importance of preventing and protecting the people of Guyana from dangers affecting safety such as crimes and natural disasters.  An APNU government will immediately re-engineer (recruit, train, equip and manage) Guyana Police Force, Guyana Defense Force, Guyana Fire Service and Guyana Emergency Medical Service to bring these First Responders up to global standards.  We realize the Guyana Police Force, Guyana Defense Force, Guyana Fire Department and all  First Response units have been neglected, underfunded and mismanaged by various PPP/C ministers who lack expertise to recruit, train, equip and manage the brave men and women wearing the uniform to protect Guyana and its people.  Guyanese live in fear of becoming the victims of crime and virtually every home and business in Guyana has security bars to reduce the threat of burglary.


The rising tide of trafficking in illegal narcotics and firearms over the past decade brought waves of criminal violence to this country.  The consequences have been that Guyana earned a ghastly reputation for an annual average of two mass murders between  2002 and 2008 and a gory record of two murders on average every five days.

Law in the huge hinterland west of the Essequibo River, where bandits rob and kill miners and often settle disputes with gunfire, is enforced lightly.  Along the coast and in the estuaries of great rivers, murders by pirates persist.  Rural rape-murders; fatal stabbings among drunken revelers in rum shops; house-burnings and murder-suicides suggest distressing social decay.  The killing of a would–be star witness into allegations against a minister of the government was emblematic of the employment of execution-murder to obstruct the course of justice.

The public expects the police to enforce the law in a lawful manner.  It expects the courts to hold inquests to examine the circumstances surrounding unlawful killings.  Its expects the government to perform its duty to protect the public from the scourge of murder by an underworld dominated by drugs and guns.  Killings have become commonplace owing as much to the criminality of nihilistic bandits and sadistic ‘phantom’ squads as to the incapacity of those who have failed to bring them to justice.


APNU understands the importance of a lawful society and also the deteriorated state of protection for Guyana’s citizens.  Lowering criminal activity by re-engineering Guyana’s First Responders is top priority for APNU –crime affects all aspects and is a threat to Guyana’s development: Economy and Infrastructure, Education, Health Care and Social Development.


a)      ENHANCE RECRUITING by offering higher pay, benefits, training and continuing education

b)      TRAIN First Responders using seasoned police and military personnel from the UK, EU, USA, Canada and Guyana to re-structure our Police Academy, Military Training Schools etc..  Overseas Training immediately will be implemented.  Training police and all first responders on tactical methods is vital to lower Guyana’s criminal activity.  Many police departments in the USA have reached out to APNU to assist in the re-building of Guyana’s law enforcement units by offering Training and re-building of all Police Academies in Guyana.

c)      EQUIP First Responders with modern crime fighting tools like smart communication devices, call centers, command and control centers, enterprise databases, uniforms, weapons (lethal and non-lethal), vehicles, boats and aircraft to interdict drug traffickers and pirates.  APNU is aware of materiel assistance from the USA and the UK on DAY 1 when APNU is elected to office.

d)      MANAGE by establishing a law enforcement eco-system for Guyana’s First Responders.  Technical law enforcement veterans will be recruited and brought to Guyana to assist and reverse the runaway crime which has plagued Guyana for decades under PPP/C rule.  Criminals have become sophisticated in their activities –especially in the lucrative but brutal drug trafficking segment.  APNU’s aim is to have a zero-tolerance for criminals involved in the deadly area of drug trafficking.  Criminals involved with the laundering of the proceeds of drug trafficking and other illegal criminal activities will be actively and constantly targeted by an APNU government instituted new White-Collar crime unit.

e)      COURTS in Guyana must be more efficient and effective to deal with modern criminals and the huge backlog of cases.   In many instances, those accused of committing crimes walk free because of the mishandling of evidence, lost paperwork containing vital information (police reports, names of witnesses etc.), forensic omission or contamination and Guyana’s overburdened judicial system.  An APNU government will ensure the judicial system is independent, well-funded with digital recording of all cases by employing court reporters (court reporters create word-for-word transcriptions at trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings), establishing modern court rooms, pro-active training for Prosecutors, Magistrates, and Judges.  The citizens of Guyana deserve an efficient court system and APNU will deliver an efficient Judiciary which is fair and delivers justice on behalf of the people.

f)       NEW LAWS must be enacted in parliament similar to the United States RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).   This new law will deprive criminals of assets (cash and other property) which are ‘ill-gotten gains’ from drug trafficking, money laundering, trafficking in humans, tax-evasion, smuggling, theft, fraud and all crimes which fall under racketeering.  For much of the 22 years of the PPP/C regime, Guyanese have seen top level criminals who are directly involved with racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, murder, drug trafficking, extortion etc. operate their criminal enterprises with no consequences or fear.   Requests to extradite these international criminals to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other foreign jurisdictions were rejected by the PPP/C government.  An APNU government will be ready to extradite criminals to countries where modern and efficient legal systems can effectively prosecute these criminals.

g)      ORDER under the PPP/C government has gone awry in Guyana.  Traffic lights are few and do not work, there are few street signs and traffic signs, some street signs contain advertisements which hinder legibility, many drivers have little reverence for road safety rules, businesses are established in non-commercial areas, gang troll streets of towns and villages terrorizing law abiding citizens and petty criminals grow in numbers each day making life miserable for Guyanese.  APNU will take the streets back from the criminals and implement good policing with the help of newly established neighborhood crime watch units to make life safer for all Guyanese.


APNU is intent to keep our campaign promise: A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL GUYANESE.  Lowering Criminal Activity is the first step and a top priority for a new APNU coalition government.  Our citizens deserve to live in a lawful society which will also enhance foreign investment.  More jobs will also lead to less petty crime.  This task will be difficult, but we will not shrink from our duty to the people who elect us –we embrace this challenge.



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