pncr leader visits one of the residents who was shot at lindenThe main issue for the people of Linden is their desire for justice for the three men who were shot dead by members of the Guyana Police Force on Wednesday 18th July 2012. Lindeners feel that, as they await the findings of the recently concluded Commission of Inquiry into the killings, those in most need will not benefit them. Lindeners want justice and compensation for those lost lives or were injured.

Residents made this clear to APNU Members of Parliament who visited Wismar, Linden, during another massive outreach on Sunday 18th November 2012. Teams made up of MPs, PNCR and GYSM executives and local residents met residents of Wismar, to listen and learn about local problems.

pncr leader and reg. chairman speaking with residents of wismarResidents also complained about the absence of employment opportunities and lack of jobs after youths graduate from high school and university. Many young persons had been going to the goldfields or migrating to neighbouring countries to make their living owing to economic stagnation in the community.

Some residents complained about the lack of proper garbage disposal systems; many are forced to burn or bury their garbage while others have to endure discomfort of garbage piled up for days on the parapets. For some potable water is also a problem as the GWI supply was inadequate or erratic in some places.

The outreach culminated with a Public Meeting at Palm Tree Square, Wismar which saw presentations from APNU Members of Parliament, Mr. Renis Morian, Ms. Annette Ferguson, Mr. James Bond, Mr. Keith Scott, PNCR Chairman Mr. Basil Williams, PNCR and Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger and Region #10 Chairman Mr. Raheem Sharma Solomon. The Public meeting was chaired by APNU Member of Parliament, Ms. Vanessa Kissoon.

at the public meeting held at palm tree square wismarSpeakers raised several issues for Lindeners that the PPP/C administration must address. These include the failing health system in the Region. Mr. Renis Morian pointed out that the state of the health system in the community was under stress. Other speakers emphasised the importance of public security while reiterating the call for the resignation of Minister Clement Rohee.

The team was led by Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger, APNU Chief Whip Ms. Amna Ally, PNCR Chairman Mr. Basil Williams, Justice For All Party (JFAP) Mr. Jaipaul Sharma and National Front Alliance (NFA) Mr. Keith Scott.

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