collapsed koker door 1A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) views with concern and strongly condemns the negligence and lack of a coherent and forward leaning national public works strategy that led to the near catastrophe at the head of the Cowan Street Canal in Kingston yesterday. On inspection of the collapsed koker door and peripheral sub structure, it was observed that this vital point in our flood defence system was in a dire state of neglect.

The high tides which occurred yesterday were anticipated and in fact citizens along the coast of Guyana were warned to take precautions against flooding. It is, therefore, not an explanation that is open to the Ministry of Public Works, which stated that they could do nothing about the flood situation other than the hasty placement of logs and boulders after the fact.

canal overtopping cowan stAPNU shares the concern and anguish of the citizens of Georgetown who were affected by the flooding and demands that a full explanation of the circumstances surrounding this event be given by the Government.

APNU warns that because of the continued negligence of the government’s to implement a comprehensive plan for our sea and coastal defences, the people of Guyana, particularly along the coastline, are continually faced with the risk of loss of life, destruction of property, and severe economic and social disruption.

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