david a. grangerLeader of the Opposition, Hon. Brigadier David Granger, MP met with President Donald Ramotar at the latter’s request at 12:00 hrs on Wednesday 16th January 2013 at the Office of the President. The President raised the issue of the need for the government and opposition to continue talks on several areas of public interest.

The first area was the need to hold talks to determine the appointments of the Chancellor of the Judiciary and the Chief Justice who have been acting in those positions for several years. The Opposition Leader made it clear that he was ready to enter “meaningful consultations” in accordance with the Constitution.

ramotarThe second area was the need to continue talks on the National Budget for 2013. The Opposition Leader recalled that the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh had already held one session with representatives of the opposition parties including Mr. Carl Greenidge of A Partnership for National Unity. The President explained that the matter will be pursued with the Minister when he returned from attending an IDB meeting in Jamaica.

The third concern was the resumption of talks between the Central Government and representatives of the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region. The Opposition Leader emphasized the importance of fulfilling the provisions of the 21st August 2012 Central Government-Regional Administration agreement signed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Samuel Hinds and Regional Chairman, Mr. Sharma Soloman, respectively.

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