tipOn Wednesday 22nd May 2013, Leader of the Majority Opposition, Hon. Brigadier David Granger, MP, emphasized his call for President Donald Ramotar to set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate Trafficking in Persons. The call was cemented in the National Assembly as Mr. Granger moved the Motion titled, “Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the incidence of Trafficking in Persons in Guyana”.

According to Leader of the parliamentary majority, the Motion is one about humanity, our children and the future of our country. Brigadier Granger told the National Assembly that Trafficking in Persons is a form of modern day slavery. He added that it is also a crime against our women and children.

Brigadier Granger said that denial of the existence of Trafficking in Persons in Guyana makes matters worse. The Opposition Leader told the National Assembly that “unfortunately it’s a crime which has been beset by a denial syndrome.” He added that there are individuals who like to say there is no problem, as he recalled that Government officials have in the past denied reports from the US State Department which place Guyana’s Trafficking in Persons situation on Tier 2. “There is a syndrome of dodging the problem and pretending that the persons who are being trafficked have voluntary entered into a state of prostitution”, he said. Brigadier Granger pointed out that the state is responsible for protecting those persons. The leader hopes that the mounting of a Commission of Inquiry will contribute towards bringing an end to this brutal trafficking.

Other presentations on the Motion came from: the Shadow Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Mrs. Volda Lawrence, MP; Mr. James Bond, MP; Ms. Africo Selman MP; and Ms Annette Ferguson, MP.

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