rupununiThe Ramotar PPP Administration, like the Jagdeo Administration, deliberately set out to deceive the Indigenous Citizens of Guyana. The Minister of Finance included the projects, listed below, in the 2012 Budget Estimates, even though he knew that these projects have not been approved for the release of funds from the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF) through which the World Bank is managing the funds deposited by Norway.
The fact is, the Government has not satisfied all of the agreed and established conditions for access to the Norwegian funds, particularly, their disrespecting the important Principle of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). A major problem has been the very devious approach for consultations with, and obtaining the approval of, the Indigenous Communities for projects which the Government has decided to foist on them.
1. The Amerindian Land Titling and Demarcation Project: The government has not been granting the Land Titles as requested by the Communities. In many cases large areas have been omitted to enable their friends and cronies to be Granted mining and Forestry concessions.
2. The Amerindian Development Fund: This is intended as a Government device to avoid the management and other stringent conditions which should apply for the original Fund which was mandated by the Amerindian Act 2006 (Validation of Commencement) Act 2010.
3. The OLPF Project: This project has been discredited by the publicly exposed corruption surrounding its Implementation.
4. The Amaila Falls Hydro-power Project: These are not funds for the Indigenous Communities but for supporting their crony, Sithe Global.
5. The Solar Panels Project: This was NOT requested by the Indigenous communities. It was intended as 2011 General and Regional Elections bribery.
It is only when these projects are approved for funding, through the Partner Agencies – IDB, UNDP and World Bank (IBRD) – that monies will be released. Therefore, the Opposition was justified in reducing the provision in the 2012 Budget Estimates.

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