grade 6On Wednesday 13th July 2011, A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger, continued his mission of honouring top students who excelled at the 2011 National Grade Six Assessment. Brig. Granger visited the three top students of Hopetown, Berbice (Region 5) – Tomaisha Samuels, Zawadi Collins and Duane Walters.  The students are now holders of book vouchers that will carry them through the first year of Secondary School.  Brig. Granger also committed to renewing those vouchers annually providing that the students remain in school.

This move by the A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate follows a similar initiative he undertook two weeks ago in Linden for the top three students of that Region.  A.P.N.U wishes to honour and reward all our children for their efforts and successes despite the punishing conditions fostered by a callous and indifferent Administration.  This disregard for education is not surprising, since neither President Bharrat Jagdeo nor the PPP/C’s Presidential Candidate, Mr. Donald Ramotar are known for their academic achievement.

A.P.N.U continues to be very concerned, since this Jagdeo PPP/C Administration is guilty of punishing our children in Berbice.  An 11 year old student was close to tears, last Wednesday, when she explained the horrors of crossing the Berbice River via speedboat to get to school on school days, and having to pay Six Hundred Dollars (G$600.00) to make that dangerous trip.  What is worse is that the parent of this child is someone who is paid Twenty One Thousand Dollars (G$21,000.00) dollars per month to clear drains.

The parents also complained about being discriminated against when it comes to the distribution of Fifteen Hundred Dollar (G$1,500) school uniform vouchers.  They are being told that there is only underwear available to be received from that voucher.  The residents are adamant that preference is being given to the PPP/C supporters in those areas.

This is ample proof that the PPP/C Government does not care for Guyana’s youth, just as they are indifferent to the slaughter, rape, and prostitution of women in Guyana.

It is long past time to vote the PPP/C out of office!

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