A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U) totally rejects President Donald Ramotar’s statement that there is opposition dictatorship in Parliament and that the opposition parties had rigged the elections to deny the PPP a majority.

President Ramotar and the PPP continue to take the Guyanese people for fools, especially its traditional supporters.

How can an almost penniless opposition, with no access to state resources, no access to the state media, no control of the police and army, no control of narco death squads, rig an election? On the other hand, it was the ruling PPP that had access to billions of narco dollars, full control of the state and government machinery, and complete control of the army, police, and narco death squads. If any party was in a position to rig it was the PPP.

In fact, A.P.N.U’s team that undertook the verification of the Statements of Poll at GECOM found numerous instances of forgeries and fraud in traditional PPP strongholds.

President Ramotar and the PPP just cannot accept that a large percent of its traditional supporters stayed home on Election Day or voted against the PPP. President Ramotar and the PPP just do not understand that their supporters are happy that the PPP no longer controls the National Assembly and that their supporters want the opposition to “manners the PPP,” “make them pull up their socks,” “stop them from thieving,” and “stop them from selling out the country to their family and friends.”

So no matter how much President Ramotar and the PPP shed crocodile tears about the opposition controlling the National assembly the Guyanese people will not be fooled. Guyanese want the opposition to control the National Assembly. The more President Ramotar and the PPP obstructs the opposition and refuse to fund the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, the more Guyanese see the true colours of the PPP. They are seeing that the PPP are dyed in the wool Stalinists bent on absolute power.

PPP supporters, who wanted to give President Ramotar a chance, are now seeing that he wants to continue the Jagdeo culture of secret deals and the rape and plunder of the state treasury. To date President Ramotar has not ordered any investigation into any of the secret deals nor has he prosecuted anyone for the theft of billions of dollars. Instead, what President Ramotar wants is to control the National Assembly so he and the PPP can continue with Jagdeo’s corruption.

Traditional PPP supporters are becoming more and more fed up with the PPP and are saying that they will not vote for the PPP again.

A.P.N.U wishes to say to the PPP that we are ready for any snap elections that President Ramotar and Jagdeo’s cronies might be planning because the traditional PPP supporters are smart people who will vote the PPP out of Office.

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