Brigadier (ret) David Granger

A.P.N.U Presidential Candidate

Friday 2nd September 2011

HandPresidential Candidate of A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U), Brigadier (ret) David Granger has accused the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Administration of undermining national unity. He warned that Guyana was becoming more divided because of deliberately divisive government policies. Reports attributed to Wikileaks that were published in the daily newspapers provide evidence of persistent governmental maladministration and of alienation and frustration among the population at large.


A.P.N.U claims that the continuing high rate of migration is evidence of growing dissatisfaction with the Government. The Wikileaks Report, for instance, stated that the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Georgetown had issued more than 73,000 immigrant visas between 1992 and 2004. This suggested that an average of about 6, 000 persons migrated to the USA alone each year during that period. Others migrate legally to Canada, the Caribbean and the UK and illegally through the notorious ‘backtrack’ routes to neighbouring Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela.  The Report added   that 59 per cent of Guyanese high school students said they wanted to leave Guyana permanently within 10 years.  Currently, over 80 per cent of University graduates actually migrate.

A.P.N.U pointed out that the prevailing high crime rates, high unemployment rates and high level of poverty under the PPP/C are ‘push factors’ that have haemorrhaged the population.  The population is stagnant and is expected to decline;   ethnic proportions have changed and demographic change will have adverse economic, political and social consequences. The Indian-Guyanese population, in particular, continued to emigrate in large numbers even after the PPP entered office in 1992.

A.P.N.U claims that the PPP/C administration seems not to care that its policies continue to divide the nation racially and socially despite the budgetary expenditure of billions of dollars. A.P.N.U cited complaints about specific government actions – concerning the ethnicity of persons who had been appointed to head a majority of the Government agencies and state institutions; to hold ambassadorial positions; to receive major government contracts and to lease agricultural land – have been made by aggrieved citizens over the past 19 years.  These PPP/C governmental practices and policies, as a result, have divided the population into three categories – those who are too afraid to stay; those who are too poor to leave and those who are too greedy to care.

A.P.N.U contended that the demographic transition that has taken place under the PPP/C administration was caused by bad governance. The Partnership has promised that, by establishing a ‘Government of National Unity’ after the next elections, it will respect the vital interests of all economic, ethnic, religious and social groups and foster national cohesion.  The new state – one of inclusionary democracy – will be administered for the good of all, not a few.  A.P.N.U is convinced that, unless the PPP/C was stopped in its tracks at the forthcoming elections, there will be further damage to national unity and the country’s social, political and economic development.





Friday 2nd September 2011

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