APNU victory at the polls will lead to CHANGE & RENEWAL for Guyana after over two decades of inept and corrupt governance by the PPP/C.  APNU’s Master Plan for Guyana is a methodical pathway to unwind and reverse the decline of our nation.  We understand that a nation which cannot take care of the majority of its population who struggle each day to survive cannot protect the few who are rich.  APNU is well aware that the PPP/C abandoned Guyana’s poor and working class in favor of their wealthy friends and party operatives.  We intend to abolish this style of governance and replace with government of the people in relentless pursuit of our goal: A Good Life for ALL Guyanese.  APNU’s statements are not subjective in an effort to win votes, we reflect the sentiment of a super-majority of Guyanese.  Most Guyanese returning from overseas as visitors, to re-migrate or to conduct business have also observed the degradation of their homeland –economically and socially.  APNU seeks to RENEW Guyana economically and socially to benefit all Guyanese.

Beneficiaries of Guyana’s Renewal

Farmers & Agriculture Workers
Nurses & Medical Staff
Civil Servants
Construction Workers
Day Laborers
First Responders –Police, Soldiers, Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Workers
Entrepreneurs & Businesspersons
Retirees & Pensioners
The Clergy, Imams & Pundits
Teachers, Instructors & Professors
Information Technology Personnel
Bank & Insurance Staff
Guyanese Diaspora

PRINCIPLES FOR GUYANA’S RENEWAL –rising Prosperity to lift all Guyanese


APNU’s Master Plan will set a deliberate path to grow Guyana’s Economy to benefit all Guyanese instead of those in power and their friends. We intend to enlist the best minds in Guyana and the world to unleash Guyana’s full potential. APNU understands the task of rebuilding Guyana’s economy would not be easy but we are committed to reverse the failures of the past and invest in a global class infrastructure to facilitate economic growth.  Decisions will be made based on benefits to Guyana and all its people rather than benefits to the political class, their families and their friends.


Guyana’s vast hinterland enables illegal criminal activity as a top Priority. Rampant crime hinders economic growth and also every the aspect of a Good Life.  APNU will seek guidance from our ranks and assistance from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, The European Union and other countries to quickly reverse Guyana’s escalating crime trend.


Guyana’s vast hinterland enables illegal entry of drug traffickers, smugglers, traffickers of persons, pirates and illegal miners. The illegals who mine and work in Guyana usually pay no taxes or royalties thereby robbing Guyana’s treasury. APNU will rebuild our Army and seek assistance from other countries consisting of personnel and equipment to assist our Border Security to interdict and prosecute those who violate Guyana’s territory.


Without a world-class education system,

Guyana can never compete globally or succeed economically.  A good education is an antidote to Guyana’s poverty. APNU through our Master Plan, intends to re-engineer all schools, Technical Institutes and the University of Guyana and rebuild to world-class standards. We will emulate the operations from top universities and technical schools from around the world and implement in Guyana.  Like Singapore and the UAE, we will invite America, British, European and Canadian universities to establish campuses in Guyana to graduate scholars who will have credentials necessary to develop Guyana.


APNU’s Master Plan will provide the blueprint for reversing Guyana decayed healthcare system. Fraud in awarding pharmaceutical contracts mismanagement, corruption, the lack of specialists in all areas of medicine, underpaid nurses and support Staff have been identified by APNU as causes of our poor healthcare system. The delivery of healthcare to Guyanese in the hinterland and rural area can be deemed a crisis and especially affecting children, pregnant women and the elderly. APNU will seek physicians from the Guyana diaspora and medical experts from around the world to modernize our hospitals and health centers to deliver healthcare efficiently.  APNU will also educate Guyanese in healthful lifestyles and insist on preventative pro-active medicines.


It is a national disgrace that 35% of Guyanese live below the poverty line.  Poverty affects all aspects of life for the poor.  It robs our children of good nutrition, a sound education which in turn negates the ability to emerge from a life of misery. Poverty usually spans several generations and with few social programs by the government, life for Guyana’s poor has become even harsher.  With Guyana’s low population, APNU understands each person in our country is a valuable asset needed for re-building Guyana.  Our Master Plan is one of inclusion and renewal to benefit all Guyanese.  Every life is valuable and it our duty to ensure each life is nurtured in order to be productive to take Guyana into a prosperous future.