hon. david granger speaking to residents of surama on sat. 6th april 2013 2The Opposition Chief Whip, Ms. Amna Ally, MP, reported that the outreach to Region No.9, for the period, Saturday 6th April to Sunday 7th April 2013, was highly successful and has achieved its objectives. More than twenty (20) APNU MPs spent the weekend in the Rupununi listening to issues of concern to the residents of Region No. 9. APNU MPs visited more than 34 villages in the South Savannahs, North Savannahs, South Central Savannahs, North Central Savannahs and the South Pakaraimas.

Village meetings were held in some of the villages and a large, well attended, public meeting was held in Lethem. Residents expressed their disgust at Government’s neglect of the Amerindian communities and applauded the work of their Region No. 9 representative, Mr. Sydney Allicock, MP – who is fondly referred to as their hero – for taking action on the many critical issues that affect Amerindian communities.

hon. david granger speaking to residents of massara toka on sunday 7th april 2013 2While it was evident that the Government tried to organize a boycott of APNU activities in some of the villages, this was ignored by most members of the communities who turned out in their numbers. APNU MPs, including the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. David Arthur Granger, MP – who visited the North Savannahs – were able to make factual presentations to our indigenous brothers and sisters.

At a debriefing session, after the completion of the weekend outreach, the highlighted issues of concern to the various communities included: the lack of potable water; a lack of electricity; inadequate medical care facilities; the issue of land titling; and limited opportunities for young people.

APNU is confident that, with a change of Government, we will be able to provide improved services and a better life for the people of Region No.9.

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