A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U) brings to the attention of the Guyanese public once more the PPP/C’s unenviable track-record of placing their political buddies and flunkies to the leadership of technical, professional, and other specialist state-supported organisations. This has reached its most absurd with the present political appointees to the University Council and the Pro-Chancellorship of the University of Guyana (UG).

Having held the position of Pro-Chancellor since 2003, Mr. Prem Misir now informs us (by way of a letter to the Media), on the eve of “financial talks” between UG and the Administration, that he recommends a further hold-up of funding for UG. This time he offers the flimsy guise of first “concluding a cost review” of UG.

A.P.N.U pledges to UG stakeholders: present and future students, teaching and research faculty, administrative and support staff, that, in a “Government of National Unity”, we would tirelessly struggle to free the institution from the insulting and notorious stinginess of the PPP/C Administration, particularly when it deals with organisations that it does not favour politically. The mediocrity, that the PPP/C Government ceaselessly injects into the University system, would be a thing of the past!

For far too long political appointees, to the leadership of the highest institution of learning in Guyana, seem to be comprised of academic rejects and persons of little or no professional standing, capacity, vision, or understanding. The disdain, which is held for these political appointees, is now legendary.

We take this opportunity to inform the Pro-Chancellor and PPP/C appointees to UG Council that the unit cost of administering UG and running its on-going programmes, pale in comparison to the lack of financial resources, political capital, and goodwill required to undertake the structural changes, adjustments and reforms contained in the UG Strategic Plan.

It requires an extraordinary lack of understanding of University issues for the Pro-Chancellor to propose that the problems of UG are primarily founded in its high unit cost of delivering the services it presently does.

A.P.N.U asks the Guyanese people to bear in mind that, without a solid higher education system, we cannot emancipate the minds of our youth and future generations. Without this liberation, we cannot build a successful, prosperous, and democratic Guyana.

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