anil nandlall

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has over the years accused the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration of being in bed with criminals; extra judicial killings; contract killings; corruption and cavorting with drug lords.

Our worst fears have been confirmed as a result of revelations emanating from a recorded conversation between the Attorney General, Anil Nandlal and a Kaieteur News reporter, Leonard Gildharie.

In that conversation the Attorney General made several references to murky, shadowy and violent figures of the criminal world who with one phone call or the deployment of their weapons could wreak havoc on hapless victims.

According to the Attorney General, is a lot powerful people,” who,” get sensitive now.” The Attorney General said he even had to, “hold back the man,” presumably from going after Glenn Lall and the staff of Kaieteur News

Mr. Nandlal also blew the whistle on a conspiracy to commit murder at the Kaieteur News office on Saffon Street in the process of which he said, “Peter gun pay fuh Paul…” He advised Gildharie that“the quicker you get out of that place the better,” and emphasized, “my advice is to move; it is a dangerous place to work.”

The Attorney General boasts that he had, “far more effective methods to which I could resort,” and had effected, “a change in Tempo,” after Kaieteur News started reporting of Nandlal’s alleged involvement in ‘spying’ on that newspaper.

The Attorney General as head of the Guyanese Bar and the Government’s legal adviser holds a pivotal position in the maintenance of law and order in this country. He has breached that trust reposed in that Office by the Guyanese people and must perforce pay the price

APNU calls for the immediate resignation of Mr. Anil Nandlal from the Office of Attorney General of Guyana.

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