IMG_0060-2Guyana’s major Wapishana communities have come out in support of a plan for educational renewal in the Rupununi (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region, No. 9).

APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, Brigadier David Granger heard residents’ concerns and complaints about their children’s education, the lack of trained teachers in schools, insufficient secondary school places, long distances children have to walk and absence of internet connectivity.

Brigadier Granger said that an APNU+AFC administration would make education a priority. “Education is linked to employment, employment is linked to enterprise and enterprise is linked to economic prosperity.” He reiterated his promise to establish a Rupununi Technical Institute and a Rupununi Agricultural Institute to provide appropriate post-secondary education for students.

The Presidential Candidate told Rupununi residents that the current education system, after more than twenty-two years of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic governmental incompetence, was failing their children. Seeing an empty room that should have been equipped as a computer laboratory in Awarewaunau village, Granger asked, “What’s the point in building libraries without books and internet and computer labs without internet connection?”

Brigadier Granger said that access to the information super highway was essential and central to his administration’s education policy. He told the residents that, without information technology, they could not receive the quality information, communication and education they desired and deserved. He promised that, under an APNU+AFC administration, distance education would enable students to pursue degree and diploma courses at the University of Guyana.

Brigadier Granger led the five-day campaign to Achawib, Aishalton, Awarewanau, Katoonarib, Potarinau, Sand Creek, Sawariwau, Shea and Shulinab and other mainly Wapishana villages where he was greeted enthusiastically by residents. He was accompanied by Vice-Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform Dr. George Norton, Executive Member of the Guyana Action Party (GAP), Mr. Muacir Baretto and Executive Member of the Alliance for Change(AFC), Ms. Valerie Garrido-Lowe.

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